His and Hers Lunches for Adults and Kids


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When packing lunches, I often find that the process will go faster if I prepare lunches in pairs such that I make nearly the same thing for my two kids and nearly matching lunches for me and my husband. This way, I can get four lunches (or sometimes more) packed efficiently. In demonstration of this, I will share six lunches in today’s post.

The first two lunches (shown above and below) were for me and my husband. Both are packed in Planetbox Launches. Each contains a salad in the large section to the right, grapes, blueberries, Asian pear slices, and half a Cutie in the top left compartment, along with half a sandwich, a small amount of Chex mix, and a few peanut butter M&Ms. Mine contains a pink Light My Fire fork as well as balsamic dressing in a Sistema container. I have had these salad dressing containers for nearly two years and used them often. They are very handy for sending salad dressing along with lunch and they are durable. Mine are still like new even though they have been used frequently.

The next two lunches are also for the adults in our family. These are packed in Goodbyn Bynto boxes. We have had these boxes for three years now and they have also held up very well. We have used them about once a week. I like using these for times when I want to place salad in a separate section from other foods as you see below. In this lunch, we have one section with fruit, one with half a sandwich, crackers, and a cookie, and the last section with the salad and a small container of salad dressing. The Goodbyn Bynto is no longer available, but if you like the layout of this box, you might try the Goodbyn Hero. I also stuck a couple of monster picks into these lunches simply because they are cute and matched the colors of the boxes so closely.

The last two lunches are for my kids. Tuesday is “Wear Green” day at my daughter’s school. She is wearing a green shirt with lizards on the front. She has always liked reptiles, especially lizards as I have shared before, so they are appropriate for her on green day. To coordinate with “Wear Green” day, I decided to use our green Yumbox for her lunch. In it, I packed tomatoes, carrots, celery, apple slices, a Babybel, green grapes, crackers, blueberries, and two cookies. I added a few green picks including an ABC pick, green crayons, a computer, a turtle, a frog, and a lizard. My friend Amy, from Yummy Bites by Amy shared the turtle, frog, and lizard picks with me.



To make the lunch packing process easier and faster, I packed many of the same foods for my son in a different color Yumbox. Then, I added Paw Patrol rings since he is a big fan of Paw Patrol and enjoys getting those featured in his lunches. I have my friend Perry, at Dreams, Schemes, and Bento Themes, to thank for this set of Paw Patrol rings.


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