This blog is a place where I share lunches prepared for my family. It primarily features fun bento-style lunches packed for school or work. Sometimes I share food packed for travel and other times I feature meals packed for my father. I named this blog based on the way my daughter said “delicious” when she was a preschooler. She used to say things “smelled licious” or “tasted licious”. :)

I created this blog to chronicle lunches I packed when my daughter started kindergarten. When she was first born (and I was up late a night with her), I used to surf the internet trying to learn as much as I could about raising a child. Bento was something I discovered during some of those late nights. In the subsequent years, I enjoyed reading several bento blogs in preparation for packing school lunches.

I first packed bentos for my daughter when she began preschool and needed a packed breakfast.  When she started school, blogging about bentos seemed like fun and a great way to keep track of lunch ideas. Now, my daughter is a third grader and my son is nearly ready for kindergarten. I’ve been packing bentos for my family for over four years now and I still think is a fun way to accomplish the task of lunch packing. Bento style lunches allow me to turn a daily chore into a creative outlet.

I hope you enjoy reading the posts. Maybe you will find a love for bento too!