A Sandwich You Can Read

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This week my daughter’s school is having a spirit week in celebration of reading. Each day they are encouraged to wear something specific. Monday was designated as “Wear a T-Shirt You Can Read Day”. I decided to have have a little fun with this in her lunch. I stamped her peanut butter sandwich with “A Sandwich You Can Read”. She saw me preparing this and seemed to think it was funny and cool.
I packed the sandwich in one tier of our pink Lego like bento box. I like to use two tier boxes when I pack peanut butter sandwiches for her because it’s easy to keep one tier at room temperature overnight while the other tier is stored in the refrigerator. The second tier here contains slices of Asian pear, green grapes, carrots, celery, apple slices, and tomatoes. I added an ABC pick and a notepad pick to go along with the reading theme. I packed crackers and a cookie in a small red Lego container and in the smaller red container, I added a few Tic Tacs with words for “Candy You Can Read”.
I stamped the sandwich with letters from this Cookie Notes Cookie Cutter set. It comes with three different cookie cutters and each has tracks for holding letters. You can see the tracks and the letters in the image to the side. This allows you to create any kind of message you like. My daughter really likes the individual, unique nature of the idea that it can be used to create any kind of sandwich message.


Since my son attends daycare at a different school, he is not celebrating the same days this week. But, I still wanted to pack a themed lunch matched to his interests, so I decided to use our special firetruck bento box. He has fruits and veggies accented with flame picks, a fireman’s ax, and a firefighter hat. In the little box to the side, he has crackers and I will include a tube of yogurt too when I place this in his firetruck lunch bag.


If you know a child who loves firetrucks, be sure to visit my post on our recent firetruck birthday party. You’ll find lots of ideas for food, decorations, activities, and favors.


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