Lunch Inspired by My Friend is Sad – An Elephant and Piggie Book

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For our third lunch inspired by Mo Willems’s books, we chose My Friend Is Sad from the Elephant & Piggie Collection. This is a sweet story about one friend trying to cheer up another. Like other Elephant and Piggie books, the outcome involves a little twist of the story.


I packed this lunch in our blue Sassy box. I selected picks to represent the various costumes Piggie wears throughout the story. I included cowboy boot and cowboy hat skewers holding grapes and tomatoes representing Piggie’s cowboy costume, a clown pick on a strawberry for when Piggie dresses up as a funny clown, and a robot ring for Piggie’s final attempt to cheer-up Elephant Gerald by dressing up as a robot.
Above those picks, I placed a sad and happy face to represent the emotions that Gerald cycles through during the story. I also included a little blue elephant pick as Gerald, and if you look closely, you will see my homemade pigeon pick that is showing up in our Mo Willems’ inspired lunches.
The Sassy box comes with three inner boxes. I used two to create sections within the box as you see above and I used the larger inner box to hold the “Piggie” peanut butter sandwich you see below. Since Piggie dresses up throughout this story, my daughter and I thought featuring her in the sandwich would be appropriate.


I used my Cute-Z-Cute cutter and press to make the sandwich in this shape and then accented it with food safe markers.

My Friend Is Sad is a sweet book from the Elephant & Piggie Collection. It has a nice message about how we can enjoy our happy experiences the most when we are with a friend with love. My kids have always enjoyed the illustrations in this book, especially my son who loves costumes and dress-up.









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