Snowman Themed Lunches

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Thanks for visiting Licious Lunches! I was so pleased with the lunch I packed for my daughter for tomorrow that I am even managing to make the time to blog about it. That’s a big deal considering my most recent post was in October of 2014!
Haha! Anyway, my inspiration for this lunch came from the silicone snowman shaped cups I was lucky enough to win in a Fred and Friends giveaway a couple of months ago. When thinking about what to pack tonight, I decided to use the snowman and then I came up with the idea of trying to find three kinds of white foods to fill each of the three snowman sections. I ended up using cucumber, apple slices cut into circles, and a snowman icing candy for the head (on top of a small blue container filled with sunflower seeds).
After I had my plan for the snowman, I filled in the remaining space in the large section with fruits and veggies that my daughter likes. Then in the smaller section to the left, I placed some Club cracker sticks with a snowman cupcake ring and a freshly baked brownie. My daughter LOVES brownies so I think this lunch will be a hit for Friday.
My son’s lunch is very similar. He has more blueberries and blackberries than his sister along with a few chunks of cantaloupe. He loves berries and all fruit and will prefer it over the brownie that his sister has. He has become quite particular about the temperature of his foods lately and usually leaves brownies uneaten unless they are fresh from the oven – crazy boy :) Also, his is missing the snowman face because he swiped it and ate it while I was taking the picture of his sister’s lunch.
Both lunches are packed in our Planetbox Shuttles. These boxes work well for the amount of food my third grade daughter and almost five year old son usually eat at lunch.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am planning to post here more during 2016. In the meantime, you can check out some of the lunches I have shared on Instagram.


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