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    Lunch Inspired by Can I Play Too? – An Elephant and Piggie Book

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    Today, I will feature my second lunch inspired by books by Mo Willems. I decided to choose an Elephant & Piggie book for my second in lunch in this series and picked Can I Play Too? partly because I always liked the twist at the end in this one and partly because my kids have always liked snakes.
    This story is about a snake who wants to join Elephant and Piggie in a game of catch, but finds his lack of arms makes things difficult.


    I used a two tier blue bento box for this lunch. One tier held veggies and strawberries. I added an elephant pick to represent Elephant Gerald and a pig pick to represent Piggie. Between them, I placed a little blue snake to represent one of the early scenes of the book where Snake is preparing to try to play catch.
    I used little soccer balls all around him to represent the part where they decide to try more balls. I also used letter picks to spell BONK.


    In the other tier of the box, I featured catcher’s mitts since the story is about playing catch. I used my Sports Lunch Punch (currently on sale on Amazon for $4.99 – a great deal!) to make a peanut butter sandwich shaped like a catcher’s mitt with a baseball inside. I used food safe markers to accent the features. I also included two catcher’s mitt icing candies on the side. I was lucky to have these on hand! My husband bought them for me a while ago and remembered they were in the cabinet when I was packing this. They were perfect. Behind the candies, you can see my pigeon pick peeking out; check out the first post in my series to read about him.

    I highly recommend the Elephant & Piggie books. Each one has a good message, but the messages come across through the illustrations and words in a casual way as the reader relates to the characters. In Can I Play Too?, including others, trying, keeping a positive outlook, and finding a solution are all all modeled for children. Plus, the twists at the ends of the books are always fun. I suggest you check out Can I Play Too? so you can see how Elephant Gerald and Piggie figure out a way to allow Snake to join the game of catch.

    Please check back soon, I have already packed a third Mo Willems Inspired lunch and I will post it soon.






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