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This post features lunches themed for Beach Day at my daughter’s school and I will also share some photos from our beach trip as well as some of our favorite beach gear.

On the next to last day of school this year, my daughter’s grade had beach day. They were allowed to bring beach towels and toys for fun times outside. I packed beach themed lunches in our Yumboxes to add to the celebration. This top lunch was for my son. He had purple cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, blackberries, Goldfish, almonds, and sandcastle-shaped jello. I included picks shaped like an ice cream cone, sunglasses, a beach ball, and a sand bucket.

I made the sandcastle shaped jello using mini sand castle molds and lemon jello.


I propped the molds up in another container, sprayed the molds with Pam, added the jello, and waited. I was pleasantly surprised at how easily the jello came out of the the molds. Even the little details came out with no trouble.


I took pictures of the jello outside of the lunch boxes since it was hard to see the full shape after the jello was placed inside the lunchboxes.


The lunch below was my daughter’s. She had veggies, apple slices, jello, a Babybel, slices of ham on a beach ball pick, almonds, Goldfish, and a couple of peppermints. I included palm tree, flip flop, umbrella, and sand bucket picks for fun.


I packed a beachy lunch for my husband that day too. He had veggies with camera and beach ball picks, blackberries with a sun ring, apple slices, purple cabbage, Chex mix with a sand bucket, and a ham sandwich with sunglasses and flipflop picks. His lunch was packed in a Planetbox Rover.


My kids are pretty big fans of the beach so having Beach Day near the end of the school year was great for them. They started looking forward to playing in the sand and jumping waves in the ocean.

We have a few favorite items that we have used on multiple beach trips. I will share them here in case you are looking for durable, fun beach gear to add to your upcoming vacation.


First up, are some of our favorite beach toys:

  • The Quut Ballo Beach Bucket is a very durable beach bucket. The plastic is made to last and doesn’t crush under pressure. Plus, the design with the rope through the center and the rounded sides prevent water from splashing out as kids carry water in it back from the shore up to their sand creation. This bucket has lasted for three summers and it is one of my son’s favorites.
  • The Melissa and Doug Sandblox have also lasted several trips and still prove to be fun for creating structures in the sand. The have a plunger inside that aids in pushing sand out avoiding the common problem present with many sand molds when some of the sand sticks inside.
  • The Haba Water and Sand Spilling Funnel is popular with all of us. It is a fun little gadget designed to hold water on one side and sand on the other. The sand and water mix as they come out of the funnel creating a liquid-like mixture you can write, draw, or sculpt with. It is fun for drawing with sand, building columns, adding details to sand castles, etc. It gets played with daily on every beach trip.
  • The Educational Insights Geosafari Plankton Net is also fun for everyone – especially anyone interested in investigating all the little living creatures in sea water. The net is designed to funnel water down into a small plastic container. You can then cap the container and use the magnifying glasses on the side to inspect the sea creatures in your sample. It is amazing to see the life present in just a small bit of water from the ocean. We have found mini mollusks and tiny jellyfish.

Here is a picture of the filled plankton container on our recent trip:

Some of our other favorite toys include:

  1. The IKEA Sandig Bucket/Shovel set includes durable tools for little hands. Our son has played with these since he was a toddler. The bucket is a good size so that it holds just enough water for little ones to carry and it can double as a mold for sand castles.
  2. The IKEA Sandig Sand Scoop is great for digging holes in the sand. Many sand shovels are made of flimsy plastic or have a handle that breaks after a few uses, but these Sandig scoops are made to last. They are great for digging a deep pool or making a hole to cover someone in sand.
  3. These Floating Nets are great for catching crab in the evenings or scooping up small fish. The short handles make them a great size for kids to use, plus they are lightweight and easy to carry on long walks by the shore.
  4. This Beach Aquarium is fun for briefly holding fish, crab, or other lucky finds. It can also double as an extra water bucket or a place to store sea shells.



If you enjoy the beach, I hope you get the chance to have an enjoyable visit with great weather this summer! Thanks for visiting my blog.



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