Simple Yet Attractive Planetbox Lunches

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This post will feature simple, relatively unadorned lunches to show how food can look beautiful in Planetboxes with minimal effort.


The lunch above was packed in a Planetbox Rover. It included veggies, green pear slices with blackberries, turkey and havarti on a croissant, Cheez-It Chips, and a couple of raspberry pastries.


I used our Planetbox Launch for the lunch above. In included blueberries, apple pieces cut into flower shapes and placed on stem picks, veggie with butterfly picks, Chex mix, and turkey with muenster on a ciabatta roll.

Both lunches were packed quickly and were perfect for lunches at work. I love our Planetboxes. They are extremely durable, the sections provide great options for packing a variety of foods, they make the food look attractive, and they are easy to eat out of at a table or at a desk. They also stack well in the refrigerator for prepping multiple lunches ahead of time. I highly recommend these if you are looking to invest in a long-lasting lunchbox.

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